Meet Our Staff

Patrick A. Metcalf

Mr. Patrick Metcalf started his legal practice as a judicial clerk working for a judge. During his tenure as a judicial clerk.  He also worked as a contract attorney for the Illinois Appellate Defenders office, appealing cases to the Illinois Court of Appeals.  As a managing attorney, he oversees the firm’s overall operations.

Prior to joining the Metcalf team, Ms. Ayah Abdelhadi, started her legal career as a bankruptcy attorney.  She has filed numerous Chapter 7 & 13 cases.  Ms. Abdelhadi is a hands-on attorney who takes pride on her exacting work ethic.  As our chief litigator, she is eminently qualified to handle your case.

Mr. Ahmed Alnemer is our general practice attorney. As a proven street fighter, he loves to get down to the nitty gritty of your case.  He is an outstanding real estate attorney and is passionate about business contracts.  Mr. Alnemer can represent you with your corporate startups and your everyday cases.  He will assist you with many of your common legal issues.

Ms. Bo Cerny, Sr. Paralegal, has been with the firm for 12 years.  She oversees our Thai practice.  She focuses her practice to business and investor visas.

Ms. Martha Hernandez is in charge of our Aurora office.  She has been with the firm for two years.  She processes citizenship application and our waiver applications.

Mr. Bill Metcalf, Office Manager, has been with the firm for 20 years.  Over the years, he has held many roles with the firm.  He oversees our public relations. 

Hoffman Estate Office Legal Assistants:

Kathy Mota

Of Counsel Attorneys:

Mr. Daniel Robin: Bankruptcy

Mr. Isuf Kola: Criminal