Asylum Lawyers

Finding Freedom From Persecution

As various forms of harassment, intimidation and persecution occur throughout the world, a significant amount of people come to the United States every year in the search for peace and safety for themselves and their families. However, the country does not grant asylum to everyone.

If you have fled to the US to seek asylum from persecution in your home country, make sure you work with an immigration attorney who can help you through the process to give you the best chance of staying in the country and avoiding deportation.

At Metcalf & Associates, P.C., we have 25 years of legal experience and a commitment to helping our clients obtain the legal results they need. We understand that the immigration process is extremely complex and the language barriers can make it difficult to obtain asylum. We can help you. Our lawyers represent clients in Hoffman Estates, West Dundee, Aurora and the surrounding Illinois area.

Obtaining Asylum For Refugees

Lawyers from our firm can help you through the process of obtaining asylum in the United States:

  • Filing your application: To obtain asylum, you will need to show that you are facing persecution in your home country as a result of your race, nationality, membership in a social group or religious or political affiliation.
  • Representing you at hearings: Our lawyers will appear with you at all of the hearings to help you obtain asylum.
  • Obtaining asylum for your family: We can help you explore the option of bringing over your family members from your home country, as well.

Helping You Obtain Full Citizenship

Once you have been approved for asylum, we can walk you through the entire naturalization process to become a full United States citizen.

We combine our nearly 20 years of immigration experience and knowledge with a small law firm atmosphere. At Metcalf & Associates, P.C., your lawyer will personally help you through all aspects of your case.

To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced attorney, call 847-882-1992 or contact us online.

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