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Comprehensive Criminal And Traffic Defense Services

When facing criminal or traffic charges, there is a lot at stake. In addition to the potential fines, potential jail time and other criminal penalties, you could lose important job opportunities and housing options, and your community reputation could be ruined.

We are here to help you. Representing clients in Hoffman Estates, West Dundee, Aurora and the surrounding area of Illinois, we have 25 years of experience defending clients against a range of criminal charges. Our criminal defense lawyers take a tough, smart approach in state and federal trials and appeals.

State Cases

We represent clients against misdemeanor and felony state crime charges involving:

  • Possession and delivery of a controlled substance and other drug charges
  • Solicitation, prostitution and other sex crime charges
  • Murder, assault and battery, domestic violence and other violent crime charges
  • Robbery, fraud, forgery and other theft crime charges
  • DUI/DWI charges
  • Gun possession charges
  • Probation violation charges
  • Traffic offenses

Federal Cases

We defend clients in federal courts against:

  • Mail fraud, mortgage fraud and other fraud charges
  • Possession of a controlled substance, trafficking and other drug crime charges
  • Tax offenses
  • Unlawful re-entry and other immigration crime charges
  • Child pornography possession and distribution, Internet solicitation, prostitution and other sex crime charges
  • Supervised release violations

Criminal trials in federal court are far more complicated than they are in state or local courts. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the different procedures and rules involved with federal trials. We are well-positioned to defend your rights.

Appeals And Bonds

In addition to our thriving criminal trial practice, we also represent clients on appeals and in bond hearings. Appeals are not a simple extension of criminal trials; they are separate matters requiring an entirely distinctive process. Appeals require close examination of the law and processes that occurred during the trial, seeking some mistake in law or procedural error that would give a case adequate reason for appeal. Then, the appellate case is argued before a judge, not a jury, focusing on precedent that could overturn the lower court’s decision. We also represent clients in bond hearings.

In many cases, the appeal is the last chance to obtain justice for our clients. At Metcalf & Associates, P.C., we have a strong appellate practice and we take this role seriously. We will do everything we can, from the initial trial all the way through the highest appellate courts, to defend your rights.

Take care to hire the right attorney for your criminal defense trial or appeal. We want you to find the attorney who is right for you. Call 847-882-1992 or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.

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